Boulder, CO

An apartment tour just for Joe.

apartment map

A handy (though not particularly to scale) map.
front room W1. Front/dining room (looking W)

front room E2. Front/dining room (looking E)

kitchen SW3. Kitchen (looking SW)

kitchen NW4. Kitchen (looking NW)

kitchen E5. Kitchen (looking E)

bedroom NE6. Bedroom (looking NE)

bedroom SE7. Bedroom (looking SE)

bedroom hallway S8. Bedroom hallway (looking S)

9. Walk-in closet (looking W)

full bath10. Full bath (looking S)

office W11. Office (looking W)

office E12. Office (looking E)

living room E13. Living room (looking W)

living room W14. Living room (looking E)

living room N15. Living room (looking N)

library E16. Library (looking E)

half bath17. Half-bath (looking N)

balcony E18. Balcony (looking E)

balcony S19. Balcony (looking S)

balcony W20. Balcony (looking W)

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  1. yay! love the couch 🙂 but where are the cats?????!!!

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