A Book Review: Invisible Beasts by Sharona Muir

Another month, another Early Reviewer book. This time I won Invisible Beasts by Sharona Muir. I was particularly fortunate this month because 752 folks requested this, but only 20 received a book. Lucky me! I’ve found that it is quite difficult for me to write a review for this book. I finished it more than […]

A Book Review: Pepperpot – Best New Stories from the Caribbean (assorted authors)

It’s been awhile since I’ve written a book review. Let’s change that! Preface: I’m part of the Early Reviewers group over on librarything.com; every month, tens of copies of ~100 new books are listed and given away to potential reviewers. Group members can go through this list and select/apply for a book that they think […]

A Book Review: Birds of America by Lorrie Moore

This collection is… powerful. I don’t know that it’s necessarily one of my all-time favorites (a lot of the stories seemed quite similar which makes it a bit harder for individuals stories to stand out) but I am very glad that I read it. Moore writes with strength and beauty and humor about a multitude […]

A Book Review: Ship Fever by Andrea Barrett

This is a very lovely, well written group of stories. I enjoyed them a great deal. Each story in this collection shares a theme in that each gives a glimpse into the life of a scientist, focusing more on their humanity than on their scientific discoveries. Barrett’s stories touch on Mendel, Wallace, Linnaeus, Darwin, and […]

A Book Review: The Children’s Hospital by Chris Adrian

I did not particularly enjoy this book. While parts of it felt very well written, the overall pacing was pretty dreadful and the writing style was inconsistent. It was the kind of novel where you’re just reading along and everything seems okay (or maybe even good), and then all of a sudden there are some […]