Howdy, folks!

It’s 2014. A brand new year! Time to pick some resolutions and make promises to myself that I largely won’t keep because arbitrary milestones. Woo! I reckon I should pretend that this will be the year that I’ll actually write in a blog regularly and share loads of quality content with an avid, ever-growing readership. WE’LL SEE. I suppose that’s kinda the goal, but that has been the goal before… and it looks like I haven’t written anything on here for almost THREE YEARS. Time is nuts.

Anyway, I don’t have as much going on these days what with finally being done with grad school (you now have the option to address me as DOCTOR ANDREW) and only telecommuting part time right now… so who knows? Maybe beautiful words will just flow from my fingertips like eager, happy waterfalls all of the time (clearly my PhD is in simile usage).

Today I will share with you some of my RESOLUTIONS for 2014. I recognize that sharing resolutions is terrible and that no one cares and that it’s almost as bad as sharing your dreams (sleepy time, not life goal). But whatever. It’s my blog!

Here are my three resolutions.

  • Runmoreeatlessmeatcookmoreoften.
  • WritemorewatchlessTVspendlessmindlesstimeonthecomputer.
  • Volunteermoreregularlytakemorephotographscontinuetoreadalot.

There are actually NINE resolutions (I tricked you), but a list that long would be tedious, so ehhhh.

I would really like to run more regularly because it makes me feel good and fit and happy and awesome. And I would like to write more/regularly for the same reasons. And the reading one. Those are the three I feel most strongly/confident about accomplishing. We’ll see! Good luck with your own resolutions and I hope that you’re a slightly less awful human being this year compared to last year.


Miles run in 2014: 6.1
Books read in 2014: 3

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