The Meat I Eat #1

So I wanted to try and eat not a lot of meat this year. So far, I’m doing a pretty good job. I’ve only had it once.

Because my meat eating frequency seems like it’s going to be low this year, I’m gonna try chronicling every instance of meat-eating. Just to kind of establish a baseline and look at my habits and my eatin’ tendencies.

Sunday, January 18th, 2014, ~5pm:

I had some buffalo chicken “dip” while watching football (the Seahawks game) with a group of friends. One of my buddies prepared the dip (which consisted of shredded chicken, cheese, Frank’s Red Hot, and ranch dressing all mixed together and baked) during the first half of the game in the kitchen and then brought it out during the 3rd quarter. It smelled really good and spicy+chicken things make up most of my favorite meaty foods (I’m lookin’ at you, buffalo shishtawouk).  I did think about abstaining, because I was trying to go meatless throughout the entire month of January, but then I didn’t. We scooped up the dip on tortilla chips. It was very, very good. Hot and cheesy and spicy. My stomach maybe did a hurt a little bit later, but that was just as likely caused by some of the other non-meaty junk food.

So, yeah. 29 days in and only one meaty snack so far. We’ll see how well I keep this up in the future.

— — —

Miles run in 2014: 24.0
Books read in 2014: 7

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