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The Meat I Eat #5, #6, and #7

The wheels came off a little bit this past week. Whoops.

Tuesday, February 18th, ~4pm:

I hadn’t been to the grocery store for awhile, so it was kinda slim pickings in the pantry/fridge/freezer. However, after poking around a bit, I did stumble across some frozen salmon burgers that were in the back corner of the freezer. I bought these back in December and had completely forgotten that they were in there. I wasn’t too sure about including this in the blog, because it wasn’t meat that I had bought this year… but the point is to chronicle my meat-eating habits, not my meat-purchasing habits, so here it is. I baked the salmon burger and cut it up and made a salmon wrap out of it with a flour tortilla, some melted cheese, arugula, and Frank’s Red Hot. I often have some variation of this for my lunches: flour tortilla + cheese + somethin’. Sometimes the somethin’ is just mustard or Taco Bell sauce. Sometimes it’s fish patties or a pakoras. Sometimes I’ll forgo the cheese and slap some hummus/falafel on there. There are so many options! But they’re all delicious.

Friday, February 21st, 1pm:

We went out for lunch to celebrate the birthday of one of my friends. He wanted sandwiches, so we went to Sarducci’s (one of our favorite sandwich shops). I got a French dip with melty Swiss cheese minus the horse radish (blech!) plus pepperoncinis (yum!). It was kinda chilly out, so the hot sandwich + hot jus combination was perfect.

Saturday, February 22nd, 7pm:

We had several of our friends over for a pie-themed dinner party. We did it potluck style; everyone was instructed to bring some sort of pie to share. I encouraged some folks to consider bringing savory pies (quiche, pizza, pot pie) instead of just sweet pies (fruity, custardy, etc.) because .

pie partyHappy people enjoyin’ their pie(s).

Everything was SO GOOD. I managed to try at least a little bit of every pie. I was very, very full because we ended up with TEN different pies. (I was too busy stuffing myself to take pictures, so these cell phone photos that Stephanie took are the only ones that I have to share.)

Savory pies:
-Individual veggie pot pies (made in a muffin tin)
-Individual meaty pot pies
-Frito pie (which consists of taking some Fritos, putting them in a bowl, and then drenching them with chili, cheese, scallions, and bacon)
-Pizza with an olive oil-based? sauce, carmelized red onions, prosciutto, and goat cheese

Sweet pies:
-Peanut butter and chocolate pie
-Banana cream pie
-Honey pie (with lavender)
-An ice cream pie (with “hot” fudge!)
-Blackberry bramble pie
-Maple pie

piesChocolate peanut butter pie, blackberry bramble pie, and pizza pie.

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Miles run in 2014: 73.9
Books read in 2014: 16

The Meat I Eat #4

Friday, February 14th, 2014, ~4pm:

On Valentine’s day, Stephanie and I went out and indulged in some happy hour drinks and sushi. We went to Blue C (opting to go to a place that was less authentic, but bigger,  in order to avoid a wait list). For starters, we split some agedashi tofu and vegetable tempura. Stephanie got a couple different veggie rolls and I got some miso soup, a Seattle roll (salmon, avocado, cucumber, masago, rice, nori, and sesame seeds), a spicy tuna roll, and a shrimp tempura roll. We also had some pints of Sapporo. Everything was delicious. I LOVE sushi so this was an excellent way to celebrate this (entirely superficial and made-up) holiday. Hooray!

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Miles run in 2014: 57.3
Books read in 2014: 14

The Meat I Eat #2 and #3

I ate meat two times this weekend!

Saturday, February 1st, 2014, ~6pm:

We went to Ixtapa (one of my favorite restaurants) for dinner. My family always went there when I was younger. Then we moved to Oberlin, so I didn’t get to go for ~7 years. Now that I’m back in Seattle, we probably go once every month or two. It’s probably not as good as I think it is, but the food scores crazy amounts of nostalgia points… and their salsa is legitimately the best salsa I’ve ever tasted. Anyway, I got a hugely massive combination plate consisting of a chile relleno, a shredded chicken flauta, a ground beef burrito, rice, and refried beans. Everything was great.

Sunday, February 2nd, 2014, ~4pm:

This was during the Super Bowl (go ‘hawks!). One of my buddies got up at 3am to smoke some pork in his smoker for ~8 hours until it was tender and moist and delicious. He used this to make pulled pork. I had a sandwich and it was really good. I thought about not eating one, but I had been drinkin’ a little bit, and I wanted more in my stomach than just chips and hummus.

So far it seems like when I’m at home, cookin’ for myself, I do a really good job of not eating meat. However, I do a less good job when I go out into the world. I suppose this is something I’ll have to work on.

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Miles run in 2014: 37.6
Books read in 2014: 11

The Meat I Eat #1

So I wanted to try and eat not a lot of meat this year. So far, I’m doing a pretty good job. I’ve only had it once.

Because my meat eating frequency seems like it’s going to be low this year, I’m gonna try chronicling every instance of meat-eating. Just to kind of establish a baseline and look at my habits and my eatin’ tendencies.

Sunday, January 18th, 2014, ~5pm:

I had some buffalo chicken “dip” while watching football (the Seahawks game) with a group of friends. One of my buddies prepared the dip (which consisted of shredded chicken, cheese, Frank’s Red Hot, and ranch dressing all mixed together and baked) during the first half of the game in the kitchen and then brought it out during the 3rd quarter. It smelled really good and spicy+chicken things make up most of my favorite meaty foods (I’m lookin’ at you, buffalo shishtawouk).  I did think about abstaining, because I was trying to go meatless throughout the entire month of January, but then I didn’t. We scooped up the dip on tortilla chips. It was very, very good. Hot and cheesy and spicy. My stomach maybe did a hurt a little bit later, but that was just as likely caused by some of the other non-meaty junk food.

So, yeah. 29 days in and only one meaty snack so far. We’ll see how well I keep this up in the future.

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Miles run in 2014: 24.0
Books read in 2014: 7