The Meat I Eat # 11

Taco Tuesday!!!

Tuesday, March 11th, 5:30 pm:

Today we went and caught El Borracho’s happy hour over in Ballard. They feature several ONE DOLLAR tacos and ~cheap drinks between 4 and 7 pm. They even have two types of vegan tacos on their happy hour menu (papas y poblano tacos and soy chorizo tacos), so Stephanie was excited about going, too.

vegan tacosVegan tacos are good tacos.

I tried both of the vegan tacos, but I also got four of the meaty tacos. My favorite was probably either the carnitas taco (Coca-Cola braised shredded pork!) or the potato-poblano taco, but their fish taco, chicken adobo taco, and pork-pineapple taco were all pretty tasty.

meaty tacosPescado, pollo a la tinga, carnitas, and al pastor tacos – so many meats!

It should be noted that these tacos are tiny (maybe 3-3.5″ tortillas?). However, while they scrimp on size, all of the ingredients tasted fresh and the tacos were very well made. Also, they were only a dollar! I ended up eating EIGHT tacos and Stephanie had four. I also had a pretty nice semi-sweet, dry cider and a very tasty red ale (Red Nectar) from Humboldt Brewing Co.

After dinner, we went over to Sonic Boom Records. I’ve been trying to 1) build up my collection of CDs (hard copies) over the last couple of years and 2) be a bit better about supporting local businesses. I ended up buying 4 used CDs (three old favorites and a newer one): The Moon & Antarctica by Modest Mouse, Moonbeams by Throw Me the Statue, The Rhumb Line by Ra Ra Riot, and Warp and Weft by Lara Veirs. It was a fairly hefty haul, but only one of them cost more than $5, so I don’t even need to feel too bad about spending tons o’ money.

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Miles run in 2014: 96.4
Books read in 2014: 19

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