Bocce in the Park

Yesterday, according to the internet, it was 87 °F in Seattle. This broke the previous record high on May 1st by SIX degrees. Hooray, sunshine! In order to take advantage of the nice weather, Stephanie and I went down to a park that’s ~eight blocks east of our apartment to play outside.

Stephanie_BocceSuch concentration.

It’s a nice, fairly large park full of trees for climbin’ and grass for rollin’ around in. There’s also a bunch of playground equipment and two baseball/softball diamonds. We brought along my bocce set and played all around the park. I think that bocce is probably one of the best games to play when it’s particularly warm out, because it’s fairly low effort but still requires ample skill and strategy. Thankfully, the trees provided plenty of dappled shade so we didn’t get too hot.

Immaculate form (left) and Stephanie wins two points (right).

We also threw a Frisbee around for awhile and watched some eight-year-olds play baseball. It was a lovely way to spend a late afternoon/early evening.

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